TX Piscium

TX Piscium, a carbon star, also goes under the Flamsteed label of 19 Piscium.

The star is noted for its deep red colour; often reaches naked-eye visibility (barely), fluctuating roughly between 4.8 and 5.6. It's best seen in binoculars.

To find the star first locate gamma Piscium. Then move slightly to the east, with iota to the north. TX Psc will be nearly centred: binoculars.

One field northwest are theta and gamma.

These stars are part of a giant circle, the ‘circlet of Pisces’ best seen with the naked eye: from east to west in a circular motion iota, theta, gamma, kappa, and lambda. Some observers include TX and 7 Piscium as well.

In the same field with gamma and theta is the double star Struve 3009 with a noted colour contrast, orange and white: 6.9, 8.8; 230º, 7.3".

Just three degrees west, we reach beta Piscium; we're at the end of the ‘western cord’.

To follow the northern cord, return to alpha Piscium; centring this star move a little more than three binocular fields north-northwest: binoculars.

Click on eta Piscium to continue.

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