Sigma Orionis

σ Orionis

Sigma Orionis is just below Orion's Belt.

This is a young binary system consisting entirely of dwarf stars several million years old. Jim Kaler points out that only the AB orbit is stable; the others will eventually part the system. The whole system will end when the primary explodes, sending B out on its own (if it doesn't explode as well). The other components will dwindle and slowly expire as white dwarfs.

While the system as a whole goes under the binary label Struve 762, the AB component is actually BU 1032:
     AB: 4.1, 5.3; 81, 0.3".
     AB-C: 3.8, 8.8; 240, 10.7".
     AB-D: 3.8, 6.6; 84, 12.9".
     AB-E: 3.8, 6.3; 62, 41.3"
     AB-F: 3.8, 7.9; 324, 209.6".

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