NGC 6193

NGC 6193 is a rather bright star cluster of 25-30 stars, sixth magnitude and fainter.

The cluster is due west (and just a bit north) of alpha three binocular fields. You'll recognise the region by finding find two bright stars in Norma as well: binoculars.

Inside the cluster is the multiple star system h4876. Component B is too close to resolve, but C should be possible in telescopes: 6 and 7 magnitude, PA 266 , 9.6". There is also a tenth magnitude star at 13.4", PA 160.

Just southwest of 6193, nearly on its border, is the emission nebula NGC 6188 which needs a large telescope to enjoy. Know as the Great Wall of Ara, it is about 600 light years across and 4000 light years away.

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