Mythical and Geographical Names

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    After clicking on the desired name, once you are in the proper constellation click on "Find" (on your browser's toolbar) and then type in the name you are looking for.

    Geographical names may be in Greece or elsewhere, and are designated with an asterisk (*). Non-Greek mythical references are designated with two asterisks. Casual references are given in parentheses.

Achilles Argonauts Belus Colchis* Gaia Heracles Jason Nereids Plutus Tenes
Achilles Argonauts Berenice Colonae* Ganymede Hermes Joppa* Nereids Pollux Theseus
Acrisius Argonauts Callisto Coronis Ganymede Hermes Joppa* Nereus Pollux Theseus
Actaeon Argus Canopus Cronus Geryon Hermes Ladon Nergal** Poseidon Theseus
Aegipan Argus Panoptes Carnaban Cronus Gorgons Hermes Leda Orion Poseidon Thetis
Agenor Ariadne Cassiopeia (Cronus) Hades Hermes Leda Orion Poseidon Thetis
Alcmene Arion Cassiopeia Cyclopes Hades Hesperides Lernaean Lion Orpheus Poseidon Typhon
Aleus Artemis Cassiopeia Cycnus Hebe Hippodameia Lesbos* Orpheus Poseidon Ur*
Amalthea Artemis Cassiopeia) Danae Helen Hydra Lycaon Orthrus Poseidon Zeus
Amphitrite Artemis Castor Demeter Helen Hydra Maenads Pan Poseidon Zeus
Amymone* Asclepius Castor Demeter Helios Hydra Medea Pan Poseidon Zeus
Anat** Asclepius Castor Dictys Hephaestus Hydra Medusa Paris Poseidon Zeus
Andromeda Asterion Castor Dionysus Hephaestus Hyllus Medusa Pegasus (Poseidon) Zeus
Andromeda Asterion Centaurs Dionysus Hera Iasion Medusa Peiritheus Prometheus Zeus
Andromeda Athene Cepheus Dionysus Hera Idas Medusa Peleus Ptolemy III Zeus
Andromeda Athene Cepheus Etatus Hera Iananna* Menelaus Persephone (Rhea) Zeus
Aphrodite Athene Cepheus Eridanus* Hera Io Minos Perseus Sagittarius Zeus
Aphrodite Athene (Cepheus) Eros (Hera) Iolaus Minotaur Perseus (Seriphos) Zeus
Apollo Athene Ceres Ethiopia* Heracles Ishtar** Mt Pholoe* Perseus (Sisyphus) Zeus
Apollo Athene Chara Eudoxus Heracles Ixion Naxos* Perseus Stheino Zeus
Apollo Athene Chara Eumenides Heracles Janus Nemean Lion Perseus Stygian Nymphs Zeus
Apollo Athene Cheiron Euryale Heracles Jason Nemean Lion Phaethon Styx (river) (Zeus)
Apollo Athene Cheiron Eurydice Heracles Jason Nemean Lion Pholois* Tartarus (Zeus)
Apollo Atlas Cheiron Eurystheus Heracles Jason Nephele Pholus Tartarus (Zeus)
Aghat** Bellerophone Chimaera Gaia Heracles Jason Nereids Pluto Tegea (Zeus)

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