M37 (NGC 2099)

M37 (NGC 2099) is the eastern-most star cluster of the three Messier objects found in Auriga, and the brighest one making it quite suitable for binoculars.

M37 has an apparent brightness of 6.2 and is about 4500 light years away. With an age estimated to be from 300 to 500 million years, M37 is the oldest of the three Messier objects in Auriga. The cluster has more stars than the others; various sources give the number at 500 to as many as two thousand.

M36 and M38 are one binocular field to the west: binoculars.

Now place theta Aurigae on your western edge: binoculars. The binary Struve 872 sits alone in the southern left-hand quadrant, a lovely contrast of yellow and lilac: 6.9, 7.4; 216, 11.8".

Finally, if you move one binocular field east-northeast, you'll find a lovely binocular triple (yellow and two blues):
      Otto Struve 147 AB: 6.8, 8.7, 75, 43.2"
      A-CD: 6.8, 9.9; 120, 46.4".

Struve 929 is just south-southeast about a half a degree: 7.4, 8.4; 24, 5.9".

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