M12 (NGC 6218)

M12 (NGC 6218) is a splendid globular cluster, the larger of the two in this region.

Both M12 and its neighbour M10 are found southeast of lambda and east of delta: binoculars.

M10 , about one degree west of the orange giant 30 Ophiuchi, has an apparent magnitude of 6.6 and is easily found in binoculars; a small telescope will be even more impressive, revealing a bluish outer region and a yellow central star.

M12 is a bit larger but fainter (6.8) otherwise quite similar to M10. Not terribly impressive in binoculars, in medium telescopes the cluster becomes enjoyable.

Two binocular fields east is the third Messier in this group, M14. Click on M14 on the map for its details.

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