HD ...and HIP

HD and HIP listings, for all Bayer and Flamsteed stars

The files below give both HD (Henry Draper catalogue listings) and HIP (Hipparcos Catalogue reference numbers) for all Bayer and Flamsteed stars. The entries include multiple components of binaries, for a total of 3703 entries.

In the links which follow, use the "Find" function then type in the star you wish (e.g. alpha And). Note however that if the star is a double (such as gamma Andromedae) you must have the exact label for "Find" to work. If you come up blank the first time, try putting in either a "1" or the component "A". For instance, "gamma And" yields no results but "gamma 1 And" does. (Make sure you put a space between the label and the number and the constellation abbreviation.)

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