Gamma Geminorum

γ Geminorum

Gamma Geminorum is Pollux's left foot, and the third brightest star in Gemini.

If you haven't been following the trail, and wish to find gamma straightaway, start at Procyon (alpha Canis Minoris). With the naked eye you'll find a triangle formed by Pollux to the north and Alhena (gamma Gem) to the northwest.

In binoculars gamma and nu share the field of view. However one other star deserves some attention; 20 Geminorum, nearly centred, is a lovely binary:
     20AB, pale yellow and white: 6.3, 6.9; 211, 20.2".

From gamma move one field southeast: xi Geminorum is Pollux's right foot. I suppose the heel of this foot would be 38 Geminorum, a lovely binary for telescopes:
     38AB, deep yellow and bluish-purple: 4.8, 7.8; 143, 6.9"

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