Delta Geminorum

δ Geminorum

Ten degrees south-southwest of Castor is delta Geminorum, the midriff of Pollux: binoculars.

Delta Geminorum is a pleasant creamy-white star with a much fainter orange dwarf with an orbit of about 1200 years:
     delta Gem (Struve 1066): 3.6, 8.2; 228, 5.6".

Two more Struve binaries are in this field of view, both with colour contrast:
     Struve 1108, yellow and blue: 6.6, 8.2; 177, 11.2".
     Struve 1083, yellow and blue-green: 7.3, 8.1; 47, 6.7"

From delta Geminorum move a little more than five binocular fields west. You might find it easier to use the naked eye; from delta skip over to tau (two fields) and then down to the four stars that form an easterly-direction staircase. These are 1 Gem, eta, mu, and nu. The first three fit into a binocular field: mu and nu Geminorum.

Click on mu Geminorum on the map to continue.

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