26 Draconis

26 Draconis (BU 962) forms a splendid but faint triple (and an even fainter fourth member).

AB is a visual binary with an orbit of 76 years:
      AB: 5.3, 8.5; 313, 0.5". (yellow/red dwarf)
      AC: 5.3, 10.2; 161, 737.6" (12.3').
      AD: 5.3, 11.6; 252, 23.5".

26 Draconis is one binocular field south of zeta Draconis.

In the same field is Struve 2155, a multiple system:
      AB: 6.9, 10.0; 113, 9.8".
      AC: 6.9, 9.8; 79, 137.3".

This binary is sits northwest on the edge of a curious variable, that isn't. VW Draconis, an orange 6.3 magnitude star, was declared a variable over a century ago, but subsequent measurements have not revealed any substantial changes in the visual magnitude, and no classification as to its variable type could be obtained. It has since been deemed by the ASSVO as CST: a constant (i.e. non-variable).

Move two binocular fields north, passing zeta Draconis in the process. Here you'll find psi Draconis. Click on psi on the map for details.

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