Binaries of Cygnus

These links will give you the graphic containing the binary in question.
For instructions on how to find the binaries,
click on omicron on the map and follow the narrative.
(The only exception is lambda, which is north of its viewing field.
Also upsilon Cygni is mentioned in passing but not included.)

β 17 Cygni ΟΣ 414 Σ 2486
η 26 Cygni ΟΣ 437 Σ 2557
λ 31 Cygni ΟΣΣ 182 Σ 2658
μ 61 Cygni ΟΣΣ 196 Σ 2666
ο1 h1470 ΟΣΣ 206 Σ 2671
ψ ΟΣ 394 ΟΣΣ 214 Σ 2716 (49 Cyg)
16 Cygni ΟΣ 404 Σ 2268 Σ 2822 (μ)

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