24 Comae Berenicis

24 Comae Berenicis is a very fine binary with colour contrast, a yellow/orange primary and a bluish component: 5.1, 6.3; 270, 20.1".

In the same field are two Messier objects, M85 and M100, while four more Messier objects lie just one binocular field to the southwest. These are all spiral galaxies suitable for small to medium telescopes.
     M85, apparent magnitude 9.1, large binoculars show bright core and faint halo; some see a blueish tint.
     M100, a difficult object, 9.3m, larger telescope helpful; star formation seems to be going on.

Move northeast one field for 35 Comae and its neighbour, M64. Click on 35 Com on the map for details.

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