Struve 2944

Struve 2944 is a multiple star system, perfect for medium telescopes. Most observers settle for the triple system, ABC, however for the more adventurous there is another companion, extremely faint:
      AB: 7.3, 7.7; 302, 1.8"
      AC: 7.3, 8.6; 86, 60"
      AD: 7.3, 13; 348, 220"

Struve 2944 is the leading star of an asterism that resembles a giant question mark: binoculars

The asterism is east-southeast of alpha Aquarii two binocular fields, or one field southeast of zeta Aquarii:

If you move your glasses very slightly southeast you'll see lambda Aquarii move into the southern part of your viewing area. Now if you place this star at the northern edge of your glasses, then move one more field south, you'll encounter two fairly bright stars, delta and tau2: binoculars. These stars lead to the final objects of our tour of Aquarius, 94 Aquarii (Struve 2998) and the unusual variable R Aquarii.

From delta and tau2 move slightly more than one binocular field due east. 94 Aquarii will be nearly centred: binoculars: 5.3, 7.0; 349 and separation 12.6".

Now click R Aqr on the map to discover this interesting variable.

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