R Aquilae

R Aquilae is a red giant, a Mira-type variable which can reach naked-eye visibility. It is unusual however in that its period is shortening roughly 0.4 days every period cycle; it once had a period of 350 days, then 300 for awhile, and now it seems to be in the 277 day range, or every nine months.

It reached a reported maximum of 6.5-6.4 during the most recent period from 20 February 2014 to 04 March 2014 (dipping down to 6.8-6.9 between these dates), then slowly rose to over 9 in the subsequent days.

To find the region where R Aquilae will appear, first centre Altair (alpha Aql), now move two binocular fields southwest. Two bright stars (19 and 22 Aql) will appear to the south of your field; R Aql is near the northwestern corner : binoculars.

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